Monday, July 8, 2013

New Toys

Well this past weekend my family and I went away for the weekend.You that summer getaway a little food,a little relaxing by the pool and of course shopping.My mission was simple hit every hardware and big department store that I could find.
My search was to say the most frustrating.Most store only carry the very basics of equipment.Pans ,skewers and the like.I did manage to find a couple of toys though that happily brought home.

A charcoal chimney starter: A very simple device but one that is very effective .It consists of a metal tube with a open grate on the bottom and underneath it has holes that allows the air to  funnel up through the charcoal.You use paper to light it so it dose not leave a chemical taste.

A remote digital thermometer: These are invaluable especially when smoking large piece of meat or poultry low and slow. You can set the desired internal temperature and when the meat reaches it an alarm will sound.

Well every one have fun Q-ing this week.

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